Zero Turn Mower Buying Guide and FAQ

If you’re in the market to purchase a zero turn lawn mower, you’ll see numerous brands and models of zero turn lawn mowers available there. But selecting the perfect model might prove to be difficult task. To ensure that you’re getting the smartest buy for your money, you’ll need to consider a few things before you make your purchase.

Today we have come up with the essential features you need to look out for, during your searching process. We hope this will help you to make a more informed decision and a better monetary investment. Just look through our entire article about zero turn mower buying guide and FAQ.

Engine Horsepower

The higher the horsepower, the more power the lawn mower will have. Actually, power makes a big difference when it comes to taking care of a task like mowing the lawn. We recommend you to choose a high horsepower zero turn lawn mower, as this machine makes the mowing task easy and swift. If you own an uneven lawn or hilly terrain, your best bet will be a machine with high horsepower, as it makes the cutting of thick grass very simple.

Cut Width

The perfect width of your cutting deck will help you to reduce overall cutting time. According to experts, the best deck size of your mower should be fifty or sixty inches, as this can cut through different types of obstacles easily.


Generally, zero-turn lawn mowers use hydrostatic transmission. The better power transmission from the engine to the deck means you can cut more thick grass and weeds easily. The transmission in a zero turn lawn mower is done by using a lever system. This duel lever system should be ergonomic as possible to provide the operator with more control and better maneuverability. But when you make a purchase, be sure to check out the specifications to find out how ergonomic is.

Fuel Capacity

Zero-turn lawn mowers offer several types of fuel options namely flex-fuel, diesel, gasoline and propane. When you choose your mower, don’t forget to consider the fuel capacity of the mower. You should make sure that you have a fuel tank that is capable of taking care of your needs without requiring you to stop and constantly refuel your tank.


The last but equally important feature needs to consider is the weight of the mower. If possible, opt for a model you can easily and quickly move around, either for operations or storage. This helps you keep the machine away from the changing seasons ultimately saving it from continuous repairing and maintenance tasks.

Have a look at some frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the zero turn lawn mower

Q: What is a zero turn lawn mower?

A zero-turn lawn mower is a standard riding lawn mower with an effectively zero turning radius. This feature makes it really easy to maneuver around fixed obstacles such as trees and flowerbeds.

Q: Do zero turn lawn mowers have brakes?

Most of the zero turn lawn mowers do not have a foot-pedal brake. The steering handles of a zero-turn mower control both the direction as well as the speed of the machine. Zero-turn mowers are equipped with parking or emergency brake.

Q: Are zero turn lawn mowers worth the money?

You can simply tell you’re looking at a zero-turn mower if it has two control levers instead of a steering wheel. If your lawn is on the small side, a zero-turn lawn mower might not be worth the investment. But if you own a lot of ground to cover, literally, then it could be worth the cost.

Q: Are zero turn mowers dangerous?

Unfortunately, like most lawn mowers, these zero-turn lawn mowers can be extremely dangerous in some cases! Like other large mowers, they pose rollover and tip-over dangers to riders when on uneven surfaces or steep hills.

Q: What is the best zero turn mower deck size?

Since the smaller zero turn mowers can be unstable, it is recommended to invest in a machine with a deck size of at least 42 inches. Depending on the size of your lawn, you will need:

Lawn SizeDeck Size
Up to 2 acres (0.8ha)
Over 2 acres (0.8ha)-residential use
Over 2 acres (0.8 ha)-commercial use
42 + inches
46 + inches
50 + inches

Q: What are the engine power ranges of zero turn lawn mowers?

Zero-turn mowers come in the various engine power ranges. With the most common in between 14 HP to 27 HP. On the basis of your lawn size, you will need:

Lawn SizeEngine Horse Power (HP)
Small Size LawnMedium Size LawnLarge Size LawnBetween 14 HP to 16 HPBetween 16 HP to 18 HPOver 18 HP