What is self propelled lawn mower?

People frequently asked what is self propelled lawn mower. In this article we will try to clear all the confusions and questions about a self propelled mower.

Basically, a self -propelled lawn mower is one kind of mower that works on a drive system. It requires the operator to squeeze a bar called a “bail” on the handle to engage the mower after that the mower moves forward on its own.

We are all familiar with the traditional lawn mower that is operated with so much energy and sweat. Literally, your effort is almost equal to the mower itself. With a self-propelled mower you just have to start it and guide it. No pushing required.

For which reasons self-propelled lawn mowers are ideal?

Self-propelled lawn mowers are ideal for hilly terrains, large yards or lawns and other mowing circumstances where having a kin extra kick is just what you require. Nowadays these types of mowers come with loads of options, from automatic speed adjustments to full four-wheel-drive traction. These mowers move forward on its own that you don’t have to push it.

These mowers has become very popular all over the world for its modernized and attractive features. Although self-propelled lawnmower is popular, it has some cons also. We have mentioned some pros and cons below. We recommend you have a look at it.

Pros and Cons of the self-propelled lawn mower



FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

Question: Is a self -propelled lawn mower worth it?

Answer: The traditional walk-behind push mower is labour-intensive. You have to push it forward all the time. But with self propelled mower you don’t have to push and it has easy-to-use controls also, you can effortlessly mow with it. For this reason, the preferred walk-behind lawn mower for many people is a self-propelled mower. Besides, a self-propelled mower gets the job done faster.

Question: How long should a self- propelled lawn mower last?

Answer: Usually the average lawnmower lasts eight to 10 years with proper maintenance and care. A lawnmower that is not well maintained may last half of that. Some manufacturers count the service life of their self propelled lawnmowers and components in hours of use. For instance, some common self propelled mowers are designed to have a service life of 200 or fewer hours while expensive mowers usually are designed to last 500 or more hours. So, the lawnmower’s life expectancy can be based on how often and how long it is used. We suggest to check the specks of the model before you buy.

Question: Are self- propelled mowers heavier?

Answer: The weight of the self-propelled lawn mower may be of less importance to you since a self-propelled lawn mower moves forward itself. However, most average self-propelled lawn mowers weigh anywhere between 60-100 pounds.

Which is better: self- propelled or push mower?

Answer: Self-propelled mowers weigh more for the propulsion gearbox. Although minimum, you may still feel the extra weight. A push mower is somewhat easier to maneuver for its lower weight, but remember that you still must exert more effort to move it due to the lack of a propelling motor.

Should I get a push or self- propelled mower?

Answer: Push Mowers are suitable for flat yards under ¼ acre. Actually, the mower pushes itself to reduce fatigue that may come with a push mower. Simply you just need to walk behind the mower to control its path. Generally, self-Propelled lawn mowers offer both front and rear wheel drive to better suit your yard.

Final Thoughts…

We hope your confusion about what a self-propelled lawn mower is should be clear by now. If you want to get a lawnmower to just trim those overgrown grasses of your yard, garden or lawn then our recommendation would be to get a self-propelled one. Those are lighter, energy-saving and easy to use than the other types and you can also use it for the tough places like large yards, hill terrains.