Things To Consider When You Are Buying A Lawnmower

If you own a yard, you definitely don’t want it to look like a jungle. It will ruin the image of your house. Your status is in line after all. What do you do? Mow your lawn.

Keep your lawn grass trimmed and flat. Your house will look as if it was surrounded by a nice green carpet. Only problem is that you can’t do it alone with your bare hands. You need a lawn mower.

We bet you already knew that.

You came here searching for the right lawn mower for you. Well, let us tell you that you can’t do that if you don’t have a few things checked first. Fortunately this blog is all about the things you need to consider when you’re buying a lawn mower.

What should you consider when buying a lawn mower?

Here are a few things you should consider putting on your checklist before you buy a lawn mower.

  1. Consider your Yard

This includes considering your yard size, grass type, lawn ornaments, corners etc.

  • Yard Size

Your yard size will greatly impact your decision to buy a type of lawn mower. There are different types of lawn mowers. Different engines, different wheel drive and different blade width. Choosing a lawn mower with the right feature will depend on your yard measurement.

Large yards can be best handled by electric lawn mowers with rear wheel drive. Small yards are best managed by either gas power or electric lawn mowers with front wheel drive.

You can consult with the lawn mower sales person before buying a lawn mower.

  • Terrain of the yard

Check your yard. Is it a hilly yard? Are there too many slopes?

The terrain of your yard will also greatly impact your choosing a lawn mower. This will mainly affect the wheel drive system of your lawn mower. You need to choose the correct wheel drive system for your terrain.

Hilly terrains with large open space are great for rear wheel drive lawn mowers. Rear wheel drive lawn mowers are hard to turn. Their center traction is too strong which restricts quick U-turns. However, that center traction also helps them stick to the ground in incline when on a hill.

Flat terrains are great suited by front wheel drive lawn mowers. Front wheel drives are bad for hills and slopes. They are great for small flat yards. Their main traction is in the front of the lawn mower which allows them to turn quickly.

Check out our blog on Front wheel drive VS. Rear wheel drive lawn mowers to understand more on this topic.

  • Grass Type

Grass type is another great determinant. Is the grass in your yard long or small? Is it dense? Is it scattered? Are there too many bushes?

Consider asking yourself these questions before acquiring a lawn mower. Not all lawn mower blades can handle all types of grass.

  1. Consider the Lawn Mower

Alright now we come to the hard part. You need to consider the lawn mower type.

Pick the right type of lawn mower according to your consideration of the above factors. If you have checked the above factors for your yard, you should know which lawn mower to go for.

Keep in mind a few things when choosing a lawn mower.

  1. Budget

The most dominant factor when choosing to buy literally, anything.

You need to pick the right lawn mower based on your budget. The lawn mower market has various lawn mowers to offer on various prices. A budget of $300 to $500 is enough for a medium quality lawn mower. For most homeowners this quality lawn mower is enough.

A lawn mower like PowerSmart 21-inch 170 CC Gas Powered Lawn Mower or Snapper HD 48 V MAX 20-inch Cordless Electric Lawn mower is good enough for small yard owners.

You can aim higher if you want to. A $700 lawn mower is definitely going to be great, but it might be a waste if you have a small lawn.

  1. Research available brands

Now, just fixing your budget is not the only thing you should be doing. You need to look into the available brands in your local area.

Make a list of the best brands in your local stores and then choose the right one from there. 

  1. Accessories

The accessories of a lawn mower include mulching, grass clippings bag, USB charger (if battery powered) and maybe some extra wheels. Make sure your chosen lawn mower has these accessories. 

  1. Warranties

Of course, you can’t ignore this one.

Warranty is basically free service for you and a surety that you are in safe hands. You just can’t ignore this one. Make sure to check the warranty before making your final decision.

  1. Wheel drive

Check which wheel drive you are picking. Is it front wheel drive? Is it rear wheel drive? Each of the wheel drive systems has its own purpose.

  1. Power source

If you are buying a self-propelled lawn mower, check the power source. Is it gas powered? Is it electrical? If it is an electrical lawn mower then is it cordless or corded?

Cordless electric lawn mowers use batteries. Some brands offer 2 batteries that you can use simultaneously. Some offer dual power batteries for extra work duration. 

Make sure to check the battery type.

  1. Deck durability

Some lawn mowers have steel decks for enhanced durability. Make sure to check their building material and size of the deck.

  1. Wheel size and Height Adjuster

If you are buying a self-propelled lawn mower, you should definitely check the height adjuster. Some self-propelled lawn mowers offer multiple height adjustment facilities. Is the height adjuster smooth? Does it function properly? Ask these questions.

Also check the wheel size. Is the wheel size available in case you need a replacement?

There are other factors like blade diameters, handle type, startup etc. Take time before considering buying your lawn mower. If it is your first time, then spend more time doing research.


Should grass clippings be left on the lawn?

The best answer would be to recycle the grass clippings, which is leaving the grass clippings on the lawn. The grass clippings on the lawn will work as fertilizer.

How much should you spend on a lawn mower?

We recommend a budget of minimum $300. In this price category you will get gas powered and even electric lawn mowers.

Is it worth it to hire a lawn service?

It depends on your area. If you can’t get your hands on a lawn mower, you can hire a lawn service. However, owning a lawn mower is much better as it will save a lot of money and hassle.

Is it OK to mow wet grass?

Wet grass clippings can ruin your lawn mower by clogging up in the engine. The grass clippings of wet grass are also bad for the lawn if left on the lawn.

Now that you have gone through our checklist, do you think you can pick the right lawn mower for you?

Having a trimmed lawn is a great attractive factor for your house. It will raise you status in the neighborhood. People will know that you are serious about your property’s outlook. Your guests will want to come back to your house again and again.

That being said, having a powerful lawn mower that serves your purpose efficiently is also a matter of pride. This is why choosing the right lawn mower is so important.

We have been in your place before, so we know what needs to be on your checklist. That is how we were able to point out the things that you need to consider before buying a lawn mower.

So what do you say? Use our checklist and see some of the products we have suggested? You might find something good here.