Self-Propelled Lawn Mower Wheel Locked-up Problem Fixing

A self-propelled lawnmower is one of the most considerable devices for any owner’s lawn maintenance. There aren’t any lawns that can excel in completion without using this machine. When you use your self-propelled lawn mower for mowing your lawn you may face some troubles like suddenly the self propel mechanism stops working and the rear wheels lock up.

These problems are very common. So, you need not to concern about it. In this article, we will discuss self-propelled lawn mower wheel lock-up problem fixing. We recommend you to look through the entire article.

Self-Propelled Lawn Mower Wheel Lock-up Problem Fixing

Problem Fixing Tips.

  • You may have some troubles with your lawnmower, the back wheels would lock up when trying to go backward. If your lawn-mower has no problem moving forward than the transmission is not the problem, otherwise, you can fix the problem by changing the transmission cable and oiling the return spring attached to the control arm and making sure the control arm wasn’t jammed. If the control arm doesn’t retire fully in place, the hydrostatic pump will want to move the wheels onward. You can fix it yourself it is not difficult.
  • A simple trick to get the wheels to release on your mower is the little push on your mower to release wheel locked up problem. Only if for not it’s taking a little rocking to release it then there is something not right with the cable.
  • You can fix this problem simply and differently. The solution is simple lubrication of the wheels along with its associated axel.
  • It’s a good decision to follow the recommendation that says after mowing, turn off the gas line and let the engine run until the gas in the line runs out. You are going to be turning the mower over on both its sides and this may minimize gas flooding into the engine.
  • After mowing house out the underside of the mower deck. Also hose out the space between the wheels and the deck to remove sand, grass, dust and dirt. Of course, be careful not to get water into the carburetor, or to get the air filter wet. Before going to the next step, let your mower dry overnight.
  • Dispel the air filter to protect it from possibly getting wet with oil when you turn the mower over on its side with the gas cap close to the ground. Lubricate each moving part associated with the wheels and the wheel axel. Lubricate where the axel shaft goes into the wheel as well as where the axel shaft goes into the metal box that covers the drive belt. You can use “Zoom Spout” oil, and with the mower in its normal position, you can use the spout to try and oil where the axil rod enters the inside of the wheel. Turn the mower over on both sides then apply the oil to the axel as well as wheels. This will free up the wheels. Get zoom spout oiler from amazon.
  • Next, follow the simple procedure to adjust the drive cable. For your mower, you can simply move the palm paddles to the lowest position and then tighten the cable nut one rotation at a time until you feel resistance; then you loosen the cable by eight turns. Now your cable is correctly adjusted. See your mowers instructions.

It’s not that only cheap lawn mowers has these issues, any mower no matter how expensive or cheap it is, will face wheel locked up problem. Even zero turn mowers have these issues too.

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Some common things to check for avoiding wheel lock up:

  • Remove rear wheels and check for anything lodged between the pinion gear and gear on the inside of the wheel. Then make sure gear on the inside of the wheel is still solidly attached to the wheel. If the wheel becomes flat inside then you have to get new wheels. You can get the wheels from amazon.
  • With the wheels now off, on a flat concrete surface, start the unit up and engage drive system. Does the axle turn? It does, your issue possibly is in the friction washer, thrust washer, clutch washer, engagement key and pinion assembly on either or both sides of the drive shaft. Unless the rear pivot arms are greased on a regular basis, the plastic clutch washer gradually gets hot and becomes ineffective in engaging the drive key inside the pinion.
  • If the axle does not turn in then check for something lodged in the drive belt or transmission pulley. Try turning the transmission pulley by hand with the unit off. If it will not turn, you have problems inside the transmission or the axle could be frozen in the pivot arm.
  • If you fail to pull the unit backwards, you most likely have a lock-up condition somewhere. We recommend you get with the store where purchased to see if they can swap it out for you.
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Final Thoughts…

We are optimistic that now you will be able to fix your self-propelled lawn mower wheel lock up problems. And so, we recommend you to follow our tips to overcome your problems.