Lawn-Boy 21-inch Gas Powered Self-propelled Lawnmower Review

A Lawn Mower is really important to have a well-trimmed yard. Every yard owner always wants a lawnmower capable of providing long-lasting performance.

We’re going to review the Lawn-Boy 21-inch Gas Powered Self-Propelled Lawnmower here. If you want to get a reliable lawn mower for your lawn, then we recommend you try this one.

Lawn-Boy is a trusted brand name for its durable, versatile, and outstanding performance. The gas-powered engine of the mower enables the machine to be very robust and helps to cut grass nicely. Even though it releases fumes and makes a lot of noise, it might actually be a great bang for your buck.

In fact, this lawn mower can even compete with a lot of electric lawnmowers. 

Want to know more? No problem. In this blog, we will go into details about this lawnmower. To meet up with your all queries, we recommend you look over the entire blog. 

Lawn-Boy Model 17732 Self-Propelled Lawn Mower Review

Alright, let’s take a look at this gas-powered bad boy.

Lawn-Boy 21-inch 6.5 Gross Torque Gas Powered Self-propelled Lawnmower


  1. This model of Lawn-Boy lawn mower is a rear wheel drive system lawnmower.
  2.  It has 2 point cutting height adjuster that you can adjust from one side of the lawnmower.
  3. The cutting width is 21 inch and the height of the cut is from 1.25 inches to 3.75 inches.
  4. Lawn-Boy promises for 3 years that if your lawnmower doesn’t start within 1 to 2 pulls, they will fix it for free.
  5. The lawnmower has a 6.5 gross torque and a Kohler 149CC OHV gas engine.

This Lawn-Boy model 17732 lawn mower is a gas-powered lawnmower. It has a 6.5 Gross Torque and a Kohler 149cc OHV gas engine. It is a very powerful rear wheel drive gas powered self-propelled lawn mower.

Since it is a rear wheel drive lawn mower, it has incredible traction power. It can stick to the ground even in incline. It is great for hilly terrains and can carry a heavy load. This heavy carrying power is a reason why Lawn-Boy offers a giant bushel bag for rear bagging grass clippings.

The Lawn-Boy 17732 offers 3 in 1 features of mulching, rear bagging, and side discharging. 

It can cut grass to the tiniest point. Its cutting height range is from 1.25 inches to 3.75 inches. It has a 6 height position adjuster with a cutting width of 21 inches. The height can be adjusted from one side of the mower.

What’s awesome about the Lawn-Boy 17732 model is that they are offering a 3-year commitment to Tru-start. Tru-start is a feature that allows the user to fix their lawn mower for free if their lawn mower doesn’t start with 1 to 2 pulls.

On top of that, they are even offering a 2 year No Worry Warranty.

Who wouldn’t want to have this machine running on their lawn?

Features and Benefits of Lawn-Boy 17732

For a well-maintained green lawn, you should go for a powerful lawnmower that can go through your lawn without holding back. Then again you should also worry about your wallet.

We recommended that you choose Lawn-Boy 17732 Self-Propelled Gas Mower which can provide outstanding performance. Let us talk about some of its amazing features.


Lawn-Boy 17732 mower’s performance is excellent among all the other self-propelled lawn mowers. It starts smoothly with a press of a button. The gas-powered 149cc Kohler OHV engine is generally intended to help any yard owner.

It is built with high quality elements that enhance the machine’s capability while trimming grass. It’s gas powered engine provides robust, enduring strength under most sets of conditions.

The only problem Lawn-Boy 17732 has is that its transmission. It is strong for sure but does not have a long lifespan.

Cut quality & options

The Lawn-Boy 17732 has a steel 21-inch Tri-Cut dome deck that can cut grasses of any condition. The airflow from the spinning blades makes the grass blades stand up, allowing a smooth and clean cut.

The swift cutting power of this lawn mower makes the rear bag fill up very quickly. Its mulching feature is also a great power feature of this lawn mower.


This lawn mower has a handle that is 36 inches high from the ground.

The mower has a 21-inch size Tri-Cut deep dome steel deck. It has 6 heights of cut positions ranging from 1.25 inches to 3.75 inches. A cutting width of 21 inches. And it single side lever allows you to quickly adjust cutting heights from one side of the mower.  


Lawn-Boy 17732 mower comes with really good speed options. This mower enables you to adjust up to 4 mph speed.


A mower’s weight is the most concerning factor for any user. Lawn-Boy 17732 is a medium-weight lawn mower. This lawn mower is 66 lbs in weight.

Safety features

Lawn-Boy has a safety feature for dummies. Unlike electrical cordless self-propelled lawn mowers, Lawn-boy 17732 does not have a release and stop feature on its handle.

Thankfully it has a quick stop button on its handlebar. The stop button allows the user to quickly shut down the engine in case of an emergency.

Pros and Cons of Lawn-Boy Model 17732

Let’s look at its pros and cons for a clear distinctive idea.


  1. Rear wheel drive system offers strong traction.
  2. Easy to control and move on hilly lawns. 
  3. It can carry heavy loads of grass clippings.
  4. Easy to clean gas tank.
  5. Requires very little push.


  1. Bushel bag is not too strong.
  2. Hard to push when the bag becomes heavy.
  3. Cutting discharge is beneath the deck.
  4. Fuel runs out quickly.
  5. Noise and environmental pollution.

Advice to users for the longevity of the lawnmower

For any machinery, it is most important to take proper care of it. You should also keep in mind its proper use as given by the instruction manual.

You may begin to notice poor performance with the power output of your lawnmower if you don’t carry out proper maintenance.

One important thing is that you should never lose your warranty documents. Lawn-Boy offers a two-year warranty no worry warranty. They are also offering a Tru-Start warranty for up to 3 years. So you really don’t have to worry about most issues. Just take care of the machine and that’s it.

You must always remember to clean out dirt and debris that get stuck in the engine. Make sure to carefully remove them. You also need to check the mower’s blades which are the most essential part of the mower.


Are Lawn-Boy mowers good?

Lawn-Boy lawn mowers are very good for gas powered self-propelled lawn mower. Their mulching feature is excellent except for the discharge option.

How much is a Lawn-Boy?

A Lawn-Boy lawn mower could cost near $500 or more. It is in the $500 category and is a high quality lawn mower compared to other lawn mowers.

How do you start a Lawn-Boy self-propelled mower?

To start a lawn mower or in this case a Lawn-Boy model 17732, all you have to do is just press the button on the handle or pull the rope wire.

Final Words

By reading this blog, we can say that now you have an in-depth idea about Lawn-Boy 17732 mower. You now have all the details and descriptions about this mower.

Do you now feel interested to buy this lawn mower?

Judging from the market standpoint this lawn mower is a promising one in the market. It offers quality; it has efficiency in its work and a reliable warranty tag. The only problem is the environmental pollution, but all is good if you can look past that.

We have added everything we could find about Lawn-Boy 21-inch Gas Powered Self-propelled lawn mower in this review. 

Now you can make the final decision. Just think about your long-cherished dream of having a pretty-looking lawn in the least investment possible.