How to Use a Self -Propelled Lawn Mower?

A self-propelled lawnmower is an automatic or walk-behind mower, in the sense that it gets engaged and moves forward automatically without any manual effort from the user.

It uses a drive transmission, just about like an automobile. Self-propelled mowers are good for mowing larger lawns and for homeowners who cannot push a mower for an extended period of your time.

There’s a bail somewhat similar to an accelerator on a handlebar or a separate shifter. It activates the rotary spinning blade mechanism and the wheels, when squeezed or pressed. 

The mower starts to mow and move forward within one single action. All that the user has to do is guide the mower in the right direction.

If you leaving behind of the bail, the blades stop spinning unless it’s a blade override system and therefore the mower stops dead in its track. Therefore, if you accidentally lose footing or want to move some obstacle out of the way, you just simply have to let go of the bail.

Before using a self-propelled mower proper preparation is essential, as is an understanding of the basic operation of the mower. For helping you we have mentioned some tips below on how to use a self-propelled lawnmower. We hope you look through the following tips and find something important for you.

Before starting your self-propelled lawnmower follow our instructions as we have instructed below

  • For oil-powered mower, simply remove the plug or dipstick from the oil fill tube. Check the oil level visually within the tube or by the markings on the dipstick. Add oil, if necessary, to bring it to the right level then replace the cap or dipstick.
  • If your mower is gas-powered then check the gas reservoir, and add gas if necessary.
  • For a gasoline engine, fill the gas tank with enough gasoline to cut the entire yard, if possible, to avoid having to refill the tank. Locate the primer bulb on your mower. To prime the engine, push the bulb five times.
  • For a battery-powered lawn-mower, you must have to ensure that your mower battery is fully charged to start the mower for mowing.
  • Then, position your self-propelled mower on a flat surface, such as a driveway or sidewalk. After that, adjust the cutting height of the mower with the levers located between each wheel and the mower deck. You can use a ruler or tape measure to determine the height of the blade and adjust it for the lawn you’re mowing.
  • If your mower features a speed lever, slide the lever to the best speed. Engage the drive mechanism on the mower by pulling or pushing the drive lever or holding the drive control bar against the handle of the mower.
  • Grasp your mower handle, and depress the dead-man lever. The mower won’t start if the dead-man lever isn’t depressed.
  • Grip the handle of the pull cord firmly, and while keeping the dead-man lever depressed, pull the cord back with a quick movement.
  • You can also follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for starting the mower based on the particular brand and model. Following a rule of thumb, move your mower to the grassy area to be cut. Squeeze the primer bulb to clear air from the fuel line and carburetor.
  • Then, pull up on the operator control bar and pull on the starter cord to start the mower’s engine.

Finally, guide the mower left and right as it propels itself across the yard. Maintain straight lines, as much as possible, to cut the lawn efficiently and clearly without missing any areas.

Some Additional Tips

Self-propelled mowers are a necessity for any homeowner. Lightweight and simple to maneuver, these mowers make cutting grass a breeze. The fact that they are self -propelled almost makes the job enjoyable. Most self-propelled mowers have a 22-inch deck. The size may vary by an in. or two.

These mowers even have handles that will fold down, making the machine easy to move and store. With well maintenance, your self-propelled mower will last for years.


  • If after two or three attempts the mower still will not start, pull the starter cord again. It is common to wish to perform this action three or fourfold if the mower is cold. It will be helpful to press the primer bulb at different times again and pull the starter cord.
  • Instantly allow the cord to rewind while applying little backward resistance. Do not release the cord entirely, but rather simply guide it back to the rewind position.
  • Don’t operate your lawnmower while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Final words..

We hope our above instructions will help you with using your self-propelled lawnmower effectively. We are also optimistic that now you have learned on how to use a self-propelled lawn mower. So, mow your lawn or yard with your mower and enjoy a pretty look of your yard.