How to Fix Self Propelled Lawn Mower Cable?

For every house owner, when they desire a beautifully trimmed yard, the self- propelled lawn mower is a great tool to clean the yard they like so much. At present, most of the people of the world love to use this machine for cutting the grass, especially of a larger yard.

You may also the owner of a self-propelled lawn mower. When you will operate a self- propelled lawn mower, then you will face several types of problems and need some maintenance work to fix this problem. But if you do not take proper care of it, then any time it may collapse. And so, perfect maintenance work keeps this machine running year after year.

While using a self-propelled lawn mower, one can face some common problems like trouble on slopes, self-propelled cable, not running or running poorly, loss of speed, and so on.

Some problems can be solved very easily but some are not. Without specific guidelines and knowledge to fix these problems, you will suffer a lot. The trouble with mower cable is just like that one.

If you do not know how to fix self- propelled lawn mower cable then we are here to help you. In this article, we are going to instruct you on how to fix self-propelled lawn mower cable. We recommend you to read this article because you will get all the information that you need to fix your problem. We hope our step by step instruction will give you more benefit to understand it easily.

For fixing your cable problem, first of all, you need to make a list of the tools. So, look at the following essential tools for this job. 

Essential Tools:

  • Work Hand Gloves
  • Plastic Sandwich Bag
  • Wire Cutter
  • Bungee cord
  • Small Needle Nose Pliers
  • Nut Driver Set, etc.

Step by Step Guideline to Fix Cable Problem

Step-1: Disconnect the plug

Find this spark plug of your self-propelled lawn mower. Then disconnect the spark plug wire from the plug perfectly.

Step-2: Release the cable

You will find a cable clip on the mower handle which needs to pivot up. It will help you to extricate the cable from the mower handle. There is also a bail control bar that you need to release the zone control cable from it.

Find out the drive control lever and release the drive cable from the lever. Besides, there is a release tap and depress it. After extricating the release tab, you will be able to pull out the zone control clip of the drive cable clip.

Now, it’s time to secure the cable. To do this, you need to cut the cable ties that can secure the cables to the mower handle.

Step-3: The drive cover

You need to follow some step by step guideline to do this. At first, find out the fuel tank and you will see there is a top. Simply remove this top.

Take a plastic sandwich bag you collect before. Now, place this bag over the fuel tank opening and reinstall the top of the fuel tank. This plastic bag is essential to prevent leaking of gasoline, which come through the fuel cap vent.

Now, tilt the mower and lift the front wheels along with secure the whole mower with the handle. Make sure that the mower is steady enough to remove the bottom mounting screws.

This screw is holding the bottom drive cover that you need to unscrew. Now, simply release the handle of the mower. Lower the mower very carefully and slowly in an upright position.

Next, remove the top drive cover mounting screws. There may have a height adjustment lever you will find. Release the lever and then the drive cover coming off with a little pull.

Step-4: Remove the cable

You need to remove the drive cable end. For this, you need to focus on the anchor post. Here you will find the end of the cable. Now, remove the cable it from here.

Now the release tab needs to depress. It will give you the scope to pull the drive cable sheath. This sheath requires out of the transmission lever. Now it’s become quite easy for you to remove the whole cable and do it.

Step-5: Connection of the new cable.

For fixing the problem, you need the new cable to replace with the old one. Follow the same way to remove the drive cable end from the anchor post. Take the new cable and attached the top of an equivalent anchor post. Then shove the sheath of the drive cable into the transmission lever.

Step-6: Reinstallation of the drive cover

In this step, take the drive cover and place it again in the position. Next to place it rearrange the height adjustment lever. Now take the drive cover top mounting screws along with reinstalling it properly.

Lift up the front wheel. For doing that tilt the mower. After doing this you need to reinstall the drive cover’s bottom mounting screws correctly. Tilt the mower upright just free up the mower handle.

Next, open the fuel tank cap. Here the plastic bag that you place over the fuel tank opening, take this off and reinstall the fuel tank cap.

Step-7: New Drive Cable

You need to install a drive cable also. You need to route the cable and guide it around the engine. In a specific way, we will say the right side.

To the drive cable clip, make a connection of the zone control cable. Bail control bar requires to be connected with the zone control cable. Then connect the drive cable with the control lever.

Taking the drive cable clip, snap it and install the new cable ties. This cable also requires to hold against the handle of the mower. There is also an end comes out of the cable tie that needs to trim perfectly.

Step-8: Connect the plug

We have come to the ultimate step of fixing the self- propelled mower cable and make it operational. Now, simply take the sparking plug wire and connect it with the sparking plug. You’re through with the mower cable fixing and replacing.

Final words..

When your self- propelled mower pack up, then you’ll probably get to fix the cable. But remember that the majority of the time the cable isn’t within the condition to repair. So we advise you to shop for a replacement one and place it.