Best Zero Turn Lawn Mower Buying Guide For 1 to 2 Acres

You need to consider some important things when you are about to buy a zero-turn lawn mower. Especially when you have a small lot measuring approximately 1-2 acres, then you must be very specific about your requirements.

In view of this, let’s take a look at the most important features you have to consider while looking at Zero Turn Mowers.


Most of us are thinking of brands before making our final decision. That is why brands exist in the first place. Any kind of product you are looking into has at least one top brand or in some cases multiple brands. And most of the people pay attention to the products of those top brands, though it is not always efficient or effective.

Simply check the reviews for the specific brand you are about to buy. Not all zero turn mowers come from reputable brands, and you should also be skeptical about brands that are making great discounts.


HP stands for horsepower, which gives you an idea of how powerful and strong your mower’s engine is. It highly depends on your lawn’s size that how much horsepower you need. Smaller yards only need a horsepower of 16, while medium-sized lawns will need a horsepower of around 20, but the bigger lawns with relatively large areas, like 2 acres you will need a horsepower of 24 or above.


To control your mower properly, you have to go for the one which has fitting steering. There are various models available out there so you should make sure that you opt for the best one out there.


A 1-2 acres lawn will definitely need a powerful mower with a wide cutting deck. An appropriately sized cutting deck will give you satisfactory results. Most of the zero turn lawn mower models can give you up to 300mm inches width of cut.

This feature can quickly determine the time you are going to spend on your lawn mower. So be prepared to invest more money and buy the zero-turn lawn mower that is going to give you the amplest cutting surface compared to its size.


Cutting Height

You still need to double-check the cutting height of your lawn when you opt for a new zero turn lawnmower. Most of the latest models are giving you the chance to adjust the different cutting heights by moving a unique lever on the side. The regular height should be anywhere between 20mm and 60mm that are both acceptable for your lawn. When you have a small 1-2 acres lot, it is better to have the chance to adjust the height of lawn cutting since you are going to need the lawn for various occasions.