We have designed lawnsmartusa.com to provide the best possible in-depth information to consumers interested in the different Self-Propelled Lawn Mowers on the market today. Even though self-propelled lawn mowers are the fastest-growing segment in the lawn care equipment industry there is still a lack of adequate information availability. 

Our motive is to provide the best non-bias information that we possibly can while gathering information from multiple sources to help with the learning and buying process. Although we do not have personal experience with all of the equipment discussed, we have gathered all of the crucial information on the internet from analysis of consumer reports, reviews, and manufacturers to bring to you in one place for your convenience.

We are a team of professional who have a real passion for selecting and reviewing high-quality electrical devices, especially self-propelled lawn mowers! Our aim is to provide top-notch advice and accurate reviews to our readers. 

What we do here

Our motive is to help you navigate your way to the best products for the most important place in your life. And our researchers dive into new products every day to create independent round-ups and reviews. All you need to do is picking from the best options.

Our recommendations are a result of thorough research. At first, we decide on the products’ features that are worth considering for most of the people. Next, we pick the best-selling items on the market and compare their key features as well as pros and cons. With this, we also pay much attention to real buyers’ reviews, warnings, and advice. Finally, our team of professional researchers tests each product to make sure whether their real characteristics correspond to the manufacturer’s promises or not.

Our ethics

We take pride since we follow accurate standards and ethics. Our recommendations are entirely based on our editorial team’s findings and opinions. We are members of the Amazon Associates Program and earn money to develop our project and review products. Here we want to mention you that our income doesn’t depend on specific goods you buy, that is why we are free to choose out of the full product range available on the market, and nothing affects our decision.